Poul Hundevad

Born in Vamdrup in 1917, Poul Buch Hundevad was a highly acclaimed furniture designer and manufacturer from Denmark. Initially trained as a carpenter, Hundevad embarked on establishing his own cabinetmaking workshop and furniture factory called Hundevad & Co. in the early 1950s, right in his hometown. The company showcased a diverse range of furniture designs, featuring not only his personal creations but also the works of esteemed Danish designers like Kay Ingemann Iversen, Carlo Jensen, Harald Plum, Mogens Plum, and Kaj Winding.

In line with the prevailing trend among his midcentury Scandinavian counterparts, Hundevad had a predilection for employing exquisite materials such as rosewood and teak in his furniture pieces. His designs were characterized by a striking blend of aesthetic purity and simplicity, coupled with practical functionality. Hundevad’s mastery of joinery was evident in the skillful techniques he incorporated into the majority of his chair designs. While he achieved significant recognition for his iconic Guldhøj Chair, his creative repertoire extended far beyond that, encompassing an array of pieces ranging from dining chairs and tray carts to bookcases and sideboards. Notable collaborations included a square dining table developed in partnership with Kai Winding in 1950, as well as the visually captivating N°30 Dining Chair introduced in 1958.