Niels Koefoed

The Danish furniture designer Niels Koefoed, along with being a factory proprietor, crafted an array of dining room pieces in the distinctive Danish modern style throughout the mid-20th century. His factory, Koefoeds Hornslet, took its name from the town where it was established and was initiated by Niels’ father, Einar Koefoed, in the 1920s. Hornslet, the town, was home to three distinct furniture manufacturers by the late 20th century, each focusing on a unique facet of design: premium furniture, upholstery, and woodwork. Koefoeds Hornslet excelled in the creation of premium furniture, with Niels achieving acclaim for his dining chair designs.

In 1964, Niels introduced the Eva Chair, characterized by its three vertical backrest slats, available in teak or rosewood, though rosewood was later substituted with cherry wood. The Eva Chair was one of a trio of dining chair designs, the others being the organically styled Ingrid Chair from the 1960s and the ladderback Lis Chair from 1961, all presumably named after significant females in Niels’ life, with Ingrid being his daughter. The Peter Chair, introduced in 1957, is believed to be named after his son. While furniture producer Casø currently manufactures Koefoed’s mid-century designs, it is the original pieces from the mid-century that are highly sought after in the vintage market.