Kai Kristiansen

Born in 1929, Kai Kristiansen would go on to become the father of modern Danish design in furniture. His furniture-making apprenticeship was completed under Kaare Klint in 1947.

Before enrollment in the apprenticeship, however, he had already developed superb craftsmanship, which he implemented with abundance upon apprenticing. This grew to include the human-centered design of Klint’s Kaoru, and even after graduation his experience grew under more designers.

At 26 years old, Kristiansen opened his first design shop. It was 1955, and his furniture was being hailed as “composed of the perfect balance of beautiful lines, shapes and functions.” His popularity quickly grew, and his style became known to the world as the Danish modern style.

A year in, he designed “# 42” (known alternatively as the “Z chair”), an iconic piece that would become one of the most important of his career. The work features impressive lines, innovative design, and a truly beautiful craftsmanship that can be admired from any angle.

The chair is comfortable, attractive, and versatile, with an adjustable backrest, allowing it to be used in a variety of rooms.

There is also the sophisticated Model 31 (NV31), designed for Schou Andersen, which became a hallmark of Kristiansen’s approach to dining chair design.

Many other works, including round desk drawer desks, chests, sideboards, round tables, and wall units have been included in our collection to reflect this heritage.

Today, Kristiansen’s designs remain as beautiful, practical, and popular as ever. In particular, his pieces in teak and rosewood have become vintage classics and are very valuable.